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Frequently Asked Questions from Landlords

What is the process to list my property with Apartment People?

The choice is yours! There are a number of ways to list your property with Apartment People — all depending upon your individual needs and preferences.

  1. You may begin the listing process online by using our interactive form here.
  2. You can e-mail Landlord Services at
  3. You may call our Landlord Services department at 773-248-8800
  4. You may visit us at 3121 North Broadway to discuss the particulars of your property with our team.

What services will I receive from Apartment People?

Apartment People provides Landlords with an array of customizable services, depending upon your unique needs.  These include:

  • Listing syndication to the most popular online rental websites — including craigslist,, Zillow and our own heavily trafficked website:
  • Maintaining the keys for your property in our Keys department — and even making duplicate keys for you on site, if needed
  • 7-day a week representation of your property to potential tenants
  • Tenant Evaluation — we can tailor a package of tools to meet your specific needs for evaluating potential Tenants

Where will my property be listed, how do you market my property?

Our marketing department utilizes the latest digital marketing techniques to drive quality traffic to our website ( — along with some of the busiest rental websites including Zillow, Tulia,, Craigslist and hundreds of others. Furthermore, our established brand name and quality reputation give us a dominant presence both online and offline and attract thousands of qualified renters yearly.

How will I know if my rent is competitive?

Our experienced Landlord Services team has deep experience and up-to-the-minute Chicago market knowledge.  We will help you price your rent appropriately so that it not only attracts a qualified pool of renters but also helps you achieve your financial objectives.

Can I continue to rent my apartment on my own?

Absolutely.  Apartment People is only going to earn a commission if and when you approve one of the applicants that we provide.  On a non-exclusive basis, an owner is welcome to continue to market the property and pursue renters on their own.

However, you may also choose an Exclusive Listing Agreement with Apartment People that enables us to offer you the highest level of service and our most comprehensive set of benefits.

Would you advise me on any work that may be needed on the unit — I haven’t seen it recently?

Our seasoned Landlord Services team will be happy to advise you on market conditions and suggest recommendations for improvements base on current tenant preferences/interests.

How much does your service cost?

There are no upfront costs for Apartment People’s services.  We collect the potential tenant’s first full month’s rent at the time of their application — which will only be retained as our commission after you approve the application.

Security Deposit vs. Move-in-Fees — what is the difference?

Security Deposits — equal to one to two month’s rent — have traditionally been charged by Landlords to cover any Tenant damage to the apartment during the life of a lease.  If there was no damage to the apartment, the Tenant would receive these funds back at the conclusion of their lease, plus very minimal interest.

However, over the past several years, Landlords & Property Managers have begun to move away from the practice of collecting Security Deposits in favor of collecting a one-time, non-refundable “Move-In Fee” at the time of lease signing.

Will you help me with photos of my property?

Studies have shown conclusively that properties with professional photography have a higher likelihood of renting than those with amateur photos, or no photos at all. Photos are one of the most important factors of getting clients interested in your apartment. If you do not have pictures of your apartment, then they will not appear on our website, nor will they be accepted to other websites for marketing purposes. Please make sure we have the most recent photos of your property. If you require a professional photographer, we can provide one for an additional fee.

What steps can I take to ensure success?

One of the most important things to ensure success in the Leasing process, is to provide Apartment People with keys to your property and ensure that there is easy accessibility while the apartment is listed with us.  And, if your property is occupied by a current Tenant, that you make sure they are fully aware that the apartment is being marketed and shown to prospective Tenants.

Additionally, it is important that you have a clean & well-maintained property, so that it is always “showing-ready” when we have a prospective Tenant who wants to see the unit.

And of course, we need the very best pictures of the apartment that you can provide. At minimum, a photos of the front of the building, a shot of the kitchen and bath, as well as living spaces. In this digital world, pictures are everything.